Dresco Belting Company is a family owned and operated company located in Weymouth, Massachusetts, founded in 1930 by George Dresser. The Dresco Belting Company now includes fourth generation members of the Dresser family. From the beginning, tobacco has shaped and guided the existence of the company. The Dresco belt of today represents decades of direct input from tobacco people. We are tobacco belting specialists with a tradition of high quality and service. Dresco Belting looks forward to continuing to meet the challenges of the tobacco industry.

Quality and Service: Tobacco manufacturers and processors expect quality and service equal to their products. All Dresco belting is manufactured in the USA to our exacting standards. Quality tobacco products demand the finest tobacco belt available. There can be no compromise when tobacco is in direct contact with conveyor belting. Meeting these high standards is what Dresco quality is all about. The finest belting is useless when it is unavailable or unsupported by advice and concern. Availability and ongoing support are what define Dresco service.

What makes Dresco unique? Dresco tobacco belting is not adapted from another application or industry. Dresco belting is specifically designed for the Tobacco industry. The fabric and coatings used in Dresco Belting allow direct contact with tobacco with maximum abrasion resistance. Dresco belting has been designed to be as thin as possible thus allowing maximum flexibility and reduced horsepower requirement. By using stronger and lighter fabric the belts last longer and reduce energy costs. Dresco fabric is reversion resistant with a special coating that provides a barrier to flavor contamination. This barrier does not exist in so called bareback products. Dresco belting consistently provides rolls of belting that are cut square and true.

Worldwide: In addition to our domestic operations we have representatives in Colombia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Our products are currently in use throughout the world.

Innovations: We were the first company to introduce treated fabric belting to the tobacco industry in the 1930’s. Over the last eight and a half decades, Dresco Belting has introduced endless belting, wide belting aprons, and the cold cure process for tobacco belting vulcanization.

Reputation: Quality and service have always been Dresco trademarks.