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General Description

The entire line of Dresco belting has been tested by all US cigarette manufacturers and has been approved for direct contact with tobacco.

– Dresco belting is made from a polyester fabric. The rubber compounds are 100% natural rubber.

– Dresco belting uses a unique fiber construction making it stronger with less stretch than other similar types of belting.

– We use less rubber between plies making our belt lighter and more flexible.

– We have developed special abrasive resistant compounds that resist wear due to silicates in tobacco.

– Nearly all USA cigarette manufacturers use our belting in their blending line, because Dresco belt does not absorb nor transmit odors.


3 PLY – Used primarily as salvage belt on edge of conveyors. Also used on weigh scale machines.

5 PLY – Used widely in cigarette manufacturing for normal conveying of tobacco.

7 PLY – Used widely for conveying unprocessed tobacco. It is also used for wide blending bulking conveyors.

Hi-temp belting – A specialty belt designed for extreme conditions. This belt can tolerate temperatures between 300 degrees F. and -65 degrees F.

Supertex – Has been developed to fill a need for some of the most rigorous casing and cutting areas of tobacco processing where a high release characteristic is desirable. Supertex belting is a specialty belt with outstanding release characteristics, particularly in wet sticky conditions.

5 PLY Econo-Lift – Will carry tobacco approximately on a 22-degree incline.

AMT – Specialty belting that is able to withstand wash down on a frequent basis.

Anti-Static – We make a static grounded belting to prevent product static cling to the belting in areas where the tobacco is extremely dry such as in Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco areas.

CLEATED BELTS – We make custom cleated belts of any size with cleats spaced and sized per customer specifications.

APRONS – Conveyor belt joined lengthwise to any width desired. We have made belts up to l6 feet wide.

ENDLESS BELTS – All our belts can be made endless with hot vulcanizing or cold splicing cement. Detailed information on making splices can be provided upon request.

Vibration dampening pads are made from many different material constructions of varying thickness and durometer hardness’s and are custom cut and hole punched to your design specifications.

The consistently high quality of our belting products has made us the largest supplier of wide belt aprons in the US Tobacco Industry.